Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I Rent Out My Sweet Days

I am a renter of time

I rent out my days

all my  sweet days

named for gods and Roman sons of gods

I rent them out

I can't keep a one, not a one

Can't put them up in jars

prick them all over with cloves

save them to the cloud

I rent out my days and I can never stop

I rented out today

to letting the populace know

Minnesota is getting browner

speaking in tongues never

spoken in Minnesota before

I wrote up this side's view

and that side's view

and was careful not to

leave out the views of the

people in the middle

and the dead

oh, let everyone in the land

of sky blue water

turn black as a December 2 a.m.

speak in caws and whistles

let the marble busts

at the state capitol wear the hijab

this was not worth

my precious today

I've rented out all the sweet

todays of my life

leaving no today left to write

down the important things

like I am me

like this was my was

like this is my now

like these are the monsters

my dog protects me from

but my dog is getting old


Boud said...

This deserves a wide audience, touching and lovely

Barbara O'Brien Photography said...

Amazing and wonderful as always.