Friday, June 24, 2016

Request from the Communications Department

Sorry can we tweak
my deadline
for this task
just a bit
I'd blocked out
time to edit
your proposal
then I read
the first paragraph
saw your personal take
on the use of
the semi-colon
the word
which you have made up
in the belief
it is more redolent
of meaning than
the word lessons
the 14 subordinate clauses
that only Sir Nigel Hawthorne
as Sir Humphrey Appleby
could unclot
and I wrote a poem


Tukuvwi said...

Love it.

Sayre said...

Editing is fun! Right???

Wallace said...

I think I'm one of the writers (by faults, not reality) on the other end - so, yes of course you can have an extension and could you come tell me I should reduce my use of the semicolon and perhaps the dash, but in the meantime I can almost feel poetical writing a comment this way.