Friday, June 24, 2016

Request from the Communications Department

Sorry can we tweak
my deadline
for this task
just a bit
I'd blocked out
time to edit
your proposal
then I read
the first paragraph
saw your personal take
on the use of
the semi-colon
the word
which you have made up
in the belief
it is more redolent
of meaning than
the word lessons
the 14 subordinate clauses
that only Sir Nigel Hawthorne
as Sir Humphrey Appleby
could unclot
and I wrote a poem

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Father's Day - Donald Dotseth

I think of him as Donald
but even his mother called him Bud
Asked why in hell she'd married him
Mom a woman life happened to
while she was playing the lead
in a Technicolor musical in her head
said he had such good hair

In a snapshot he looks like the twin
of Lee Harvey Oswald
if Oswald had bought a better rifle
there must have been some ooh la la
the snapshot doesn't show
because when I asked his last wife
what he did for a living
she said there was always a woman
who would support him

He wasn't much
that kind of guitar-playing man
who is always about to take his songs to Nashville
but never leaves Minnesota
the little man with guns to frighten
women and children
the low-rent psychopath
doubtless, in prison, some bigger man's bitch

He was no one I'd want to know
But it's Father's Day again
Hallmark's got its cards out
power tool ads are everywhere
reminding me I have never
bought a Father's Day card
never written Dear Dad
never taken him out to lunch
and slid into the booth next to him
the fluorescent lighting
shining off our good hair