Monday, March 9, 2015

At some point midstream

At some point midstream
people stop asking how are you
You stand there out of breath
on the rock that is Monday
after making the leap
from the rock that is Sunday
a leap that is equivalent
to translating Beowulf into Western Yiddish
while climbing Everest
on a moonless night
when all you know of Western Yiddish
is gonif and putz and maybe matzoh
when you should have worn something better than sneakers
when the crank to the crank flashlight
won't crank

1 comment:

Sayre said...

I always wonder, but I don't always ask. My uncle died very recently and his wife is overwhelmed with paperwork and stuff to deal with. We went to lunch and she said that she was getting tired of everyone asking how she was doing. She didn't even KNOW how she was doing, with so much going on and having to go back to work. When people ask, she has to come up with an answer and that gets irritating after a while. I don't ask. If she wants to say something, fine. I don't always ask, but I do always wonder.