Monday, February 24, 2014

What does a writer for health care quality improvement write about?

Feel the peace of mind only regular
colonoscopies can give

Use this piece of foam
because an early pressure ulcer
is just a red spot but the smell
of stage four will make you want to lose
your daily food intake
which should include less than 100 calories
from sugar per day

For years we've been stifling your mother
with enough seroquel
to sedate a Clydesdale
and now don't worry
she'll do fine on aromatherapy alone

Experts cost money so click on the link
to take this self-directed learning module
so you can become activated
to take charge of your own health care

Here's this free wallet card
with the signs of a stroke
call 911 if you have any

Everything is a result of the epidemic
of obesity.