Thursday, December 11, 2014

That which I've learned

Never place your trust
In a man who wears pointy toed shoes
Or a dog whose prick ears go back
In the position that means fear
When coyotes howl on PBS

Keep several grains of salt
In a little bag in your pocket
For when you go to church
The car dealership
Anywhere near candidates for office

Know that the human heart is a hotel
People check in, people check out
One leaves a five spot on the pillow
One steals the coffee carafe

Believe that if you lay your palm
On a tree and say "Good morning"
If you wait quietly a few moments
You will hear the tree say "The same to you"


Tukuvwi said...

Nice. (I did have to check the toes on my shoes.)

Sayre said...

I like this - and trees WILL say hello back. You just need to know how to listen.

Jane M. said...

Hi Katharine--beautiful work, as usual. Love reading your poetry. Book, please! Best wishes to you. Jane

Ash said...

Lovely rhythm!