Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Dog Writes Poems About Rain

All of his poems have titles like
Evil Water Falls Promiscuously
From the Sky the Gods Must Be Dead

In the park he stands under a tree
muttering phrases and counting out meter
until I give up and go back to the car
for the glove-compartment umbrella

Your mother's people herded Belgian sheep
And your father's fathers were from Labrador
I tell him
There's no earthly reason why you should
be so Evelyn-Genevieve-Priscilla about rain

Water is for drinking purposes only
He states in the voice of a narrator
of health department PSAs
And hold that umbrella right
A damp collar one moment is pneumonia the next


Boud said...

OMG this is beyond wonderful! you get better and better.

Sayre said...

Hahahaha.... My dogs hate the rain too. We just had a 3 day stretch of rain and there's dog poo all over my back porch. They aren't writing poetry about it, though they do write songs about doing it in the woods.

Ash said...

Wonderful imagery!