Monday, November 11, 2013

Weight Watchers 7 a.m.

Viewed as protein
the Weight Watchers leader
is on the stringy side
even basted frequently
she'd get all tough
on the grill
meat needs a bit
of marbling to cook up
moist and flavorful

I guess I could try marinating her
perhaps in orange juice
with a little Dubonnet rouge
and four twists of the pepper mill

Nah, too stringy
not worth it
besides there's something wrong
with a woman who does the wave
and crows with joy
because shake powder is on sale
remember mad cow disease
nah, I can do better
than Miss I Weigh My Lettuce
all around me
every occupant
of every green plastic seat
is potential pot roast
and carrots
are zero points

1 comment:

Sayre said...

Hahaha!!!! I know what you mean! My leader is entirely too chirpy for 7:30am. I suspect a caffeine IV filled with espresso. Zero points if you don't add sugar or creamer!