Saturday, October 5, 2013

This Where

Not la-di-da
You never saw that
But you thought your jeans
Would be 501
Your shirts J Crew
And your shoes would
Once have had horns
And your husband would dig
Enormous holes
For little trees
While you stood near
Making helpful comments
And in the years to come
Out the kitchen window
You would watch them grow
As you hand washed the good china
You never put into the dishwasher
And brewed the coffee
For after dinner in little cups
And here you are
On your best days
Dressed head to toe by Monsieur Walmart
Standing and talking
To your rented maple
One palm pressed to it
As if there's something
A century old maple
Who has seen a thousand moving boxes
go past on a thousand pairs of legs
Can transmit
Something you lost
Something you forgot on
Your way to this nowhere
This where
This where you never saw you'd be