Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No Use Crying Over Spilled Dreams, I Said to the Dog

No use crying
over spilled dreams
I said to the dog
tears running down
my ugly face

That's milk
no use crying
over spilled milk
he replied
as if
in that moment
in that universe
I have created
out of remnants
stuffed with pocket lint
held together
with twist ties
what I needed most
was idiomatic

Goddamned mutt
I told him
I asked you for a little sympathy
and all I got
was copyediting

It stopped you crying
he replied

Monday, July 1, 2013

Homeland Security in the Parking Garage

Prison jumpsuit orange
isn't anyone's color

They keep their eyes
fixed on their zip-tied hands
and the clanking
of their leg shackle shuffle
echoes off the stained concrete walls
as I pass by the Keep Your Distance
Homeland Security Van Loading sign
with my thermal mug of tea
and sandwich
and little bag of taco chips
in my non zip-tied hands

Mindful of the guards
their upper arms straining
the sleeves of their black polo shirts
I only whisper Best Wishes
in my head

A bit of Christian kindness
you might think
More likely an acknowledgement
of my good fortune
to have had ancestors who came seeking
the streets paved with gold
long, long ago
when anyone could walk them