Sunday, June 23, 2013

Power Outage

Playing Aces Up
by the light of the candle
from last year's
Christmas centerpiece
not the only reason
I left it to mingle
behind the armchair
with six months
of dust and dog hair

The fake fir tree scent
is all wrong
in this air as humid
as Godzilla's sighs

(I'm sure Godzilla sighs
though on camera he only
exhales streams of fire
I picture him with a glass
of self-warmed saki

In the flickering
the knave of clubs
looks just like the knave of spades
Let's just call it spades
when the dewpoint's this high
it takes too much effort
to squint

Sheets of rain slam
against the window
funny how water
with the whole outdoors
to play in
always wants to come inside