Monday, August 27, 2012

My Dog Holds the Universe in Place

I am under the weather
How I got under there I don't know
Maybe I moved with agility and grace
Probably I slipped

Anyway, under the weather I am
I did bits of tasks this morning, none of them well or accurately
I confused some things and dropped some other things
and made a sandwich just in time to not want it

I said to the dog "Heck with it, let's go to bed"
and he did not reply "In the middle of the day? Do those dishes first"
because he is not that kind of dog
I am sorry for people who have that kind of dog

So we went to bed
I slept fitfully and dreamed
I was chilled
I made kitten sounds in my throat when I exhaled
I was hot and then I was chilled again
At one point I half-woke up to find that I had pushed away all the bedclothes
and peeled away the fitted sheet and mattress pad
The only bedding still on the bed was the corner that was anchored under the dog's body
I've always suspected it and now I know for sure
My dog holds the universe in place

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Oyster crackers
tortillas, cut in triangles
white loaf, torn
wafers from a tiny round tin I coveted

I have seen all manner of Christs

My hands demurely folded
on my navel,
I stand near the altar
but not at the altar
since at the altar is reserved
for the one closer to God than I

When I rule the world
no soprano-ridden
Episcopal church choir
will be allowed to suck the life out of
negro spirituals

Now the one at the altar is raising the plate
the holy plate
it probably has a name in Latin
that we bobtailed Catholics carefully do not use

I have seen all manner of Christs

Today he is pita bread
with sunflower kernels