Sunday, April 15, 2012

Definitions (poem)

Not at all unusual
to set the saucepan
with its layer of crusty rice
on the floor for the dog
his tongue faster than any dish scrubber

A bit eccentric
to say to the dog
with his head in the saucepan
Such a good boy
to clean this up for me
Such a good dog, aren't you?

Definitely weird
to brush the last two rice grains
off his muzzle into his mouth
and say to him
that was long grain white rice
instead of our usual brown
did you notice
do you have a preference

to wait for his answer

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I didn't say after saying "Oh, of course I remember you!" to an acquaintance from long ago

Yes, I remember you
Your breast, the left one I believe, used
to fall out of its container and hang
down to your waist

I used to keep a tally of how many hours would pass
before you'd put it back

One day morning passed, lunch passed, and still
your left nipple was pointed, one assumed, at the floor

"Do you think her bra strap breaks or something"
whispered my co-manager

"Every day?"
I whispered back

One day I snorted coffee with half and half up my nose
because it occurred to one of us
that it might be said
upon these occasions
that your right breast and your left breast
had had a falling out

Oh, sure, I remember you

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Pencil Pot and the Paper Cup

The red earthenware pencil pot
curls a sarcastic lip
at the paper cup
"I am permanent"
it says
"You are only momentary

"Ooh" says the Nalgene water bottle
"Good one" says the stapler
"Always so negative" says the holder
with three types of Scotch tape
"Fight! Fight! There's a fight!"
says the Keep Calm and Carry On mug

The paper cup lifts a determined chin
and says "When she knocks you over on to the floor
and she will one day
she will say she's going
to bring in some SuperGlue and glue you
back together again
But she'll forget
The fragments of you will end up in the
garbage can"

The red earthenware pencil pot
says "I don't know what you're so smug about
You'll be in that garbage can, too"

"Ah," says the paper cup
"The difference is that I knew it all along"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday Morning

Insufficient lavender
chides the performance improvement expert
who should floss her teeth after lunch
ooh this coffee is not good laughs the epidemiologist
secure in her ability to create a five-level chart about nothing
let's table this discussion until the next meeting
says the accountant who doesn't know that kelly green
makes her skin look sallow
I wish apple fritters were as good as I remember them being
says the man noted for inconsequentiality
to the woman wearing her name tag upside down
to express thinking outside the box
oh I agree say three people who weren't listening

The thing and its progression

the list of people
and the horses they rode in on
the number of robins
I say good morning to
the amount of time
between identifying the source
of the putrid odor
and emptying the garbage can
the hours the flute spends off the closet shelf