Monday, March 12, 2012

The Possibility of Wolves (poem)

Don't you find it a little strange
I say to the dog
that an armful of undies in the spin cycle
can sound like someone upstairs
is breaking up cement?

That is weird he says
but what perplexes me more
is that you keep my bag
of food in a cupboard
and dole it out twice a day
when anyone with a logical mind
would eat it all now rather than
risk it being stolen by wolves

Wolves in our kitchen
are highly unlikely
I say
I assure you that we needn't concern ourselves
with the possibility of wolves

I have always enjoyed the way
you speak with such authority
he says
even though I figured out early on
that you do it best when you have no clue
one must always concern oneself
with the possibility of wolves

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To the Lady with the Bad Perm at the Dakota County Library

I learned good manners
in front of the television
watching My Three Sons
starring Fred MacMurray
and, as Uncle Charlie, William Demarest.

Obviously, you missed that series.

You think I'm nice
You think you can push me around
because I've got such good manners
I'd rather die
than make a scene in public.

But you should know this:
what is learned via television
goes only skin deep
a veneer.
Underneath I still am who I was
before My Three Sons
Father Knows Best
The Electric Company
taught me to say after you and please.

I come from an unbroken line of hate
in my family of darkness
we don't kill we maim
generation after generation
creating the shell-shocked mad
I carry the gene for rage.

Consider yourself warned.

Sorry about the perm.