Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Moon in Maiden Rock (poem)

Did you see the moon tonight?
she says instead of hello
It's huge
go look
I mean it
take the garbage out or something, go look
then call me back

Step-on can nearly empty
I take the dog out instead
in our winter coats
in the playground
surrounded by jungle gyms and slides
made into mountains
by Fran on the snow plow
I look up for the moon
No moon
I rotate in place
as smoothly as bad knees will allow
Looking for the moon
No moon

I call her on my cell
I'm outside I say instead of hello
Isn't it fantastic! she says
No I say
I don't see it anywhere
Maybe the moon is huge and special where you are
But there's no moon in Maiden Rock

She laughs
Wisconsin is crazy with bluffs
Maybe it's hidden behind one
There's a moon in Maiden Rock
you just can't see it

Symbolic I say
I knew it! She says
I knew you were saying It's symbolic
in your head
You make too much of things
You drive yourself crazy
Stop it

Too late