Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If you have lost the sun, it's at HealthPartners corporate offices in Bloomington, Minnesota

If you have lost the sun
it's at HealthPartners corporate offices
in Bloomington, Minnesota

If you don't believe me be in the car
tomorrow morning just as the night
has put its phone on do not disturb
and the day is drinking its first pot of tea
Darjeeling, of course

Look up just as you are rounding the soft curve
of 494 West into Bloomington
now it's natural when rounding a curve to the left
to look to the right
but don't look to the right
yes, there are fir trees to the right, and birch
and the possibility of deer
in some sort of gulch
but when you are looking for the sun
if you've seen one gulch
you've seen them all

If a plane the size of the universe
seems aimed for the landing spot
you didn't know was on the top of your car
you have reached the airport
where the terminals once named
for the best and brightest of Minnesota
are now renamed 1 and 2
You have gone too far

Go around and start over
what does gas mileage matter
when you have lost the sun


Look up just as you round the soft curve
of 494 West into Bloomington
and look to the left
you will see HealthPartners
corporate offices
off in the distance
the blue building
a solid wall of blaze gold
with jagged finger edges of fire

Sunday, March 9, 2014

But I Can Do This

Because I can
Because I can do this
I come to you on the couch
where you are stretched out
just so
in expectation that the sun
that fell upon you
like a butter yellow blanket
will come again today
and I place before
your nose a large biscuit
bulk bin code 87789
because the sun you are waiting for
isn't forecast again until Thursday
because I would summon that sun
for you if I could
but I can't
but I can do this

Monday, February 24, 2014

What does a writer for health care quality improvement write about?

the essentiosity
of regular colonoscopies
turn, turn, turn the residents
because an early pressure ulcer
just looks a bit red
but stage four looks like someone
drilled for oil right through
the center of an elderly buttcheek
the wound care nurse will probe the site
carefully with a cotton swab
the smell will make you want to lose
your daily food intake
which should include less than 100 calories
from sugar per day
you didn't know that for years
we've been stifling your mother
with enough seroquel
to sedate a Clydesdale
we trained you all your life
to believe the doctor knows all
and he thinks so, too,
click on this link to take this self-directed learning module
so you can become activated
to take charge of your own health care
because no one else is
here's this free wallet card
with the signs of a stroke
call 911 in case
of emergency
this all would go away
if Americans just weren't so fat

Monday, December 16, 2013

Be Still and Listen to the Dog Dream

Be still
And listen to the dog dream
No matter
That the neighbor’s sidewalks
Are shoveled down to the concrete
And yours still look like
An icebox cake
Someone forgot
To personalize
Sit still
And listen to the dog dream
No matter
That the fact sheet
Selling the joys
Of regular colonoscopies
Is half-written
No matter that love
Is elusive
God gone
And Vincent Price
Your latest crush
Has been dead since 1993
Sit here quietly
And listen to the dog dream
As if nothing else
Matters in the whole world
Except the whoop whoop whoop
Sound he always makes
Through his nose
Is exactly like a WWII submarine
Just before it dives

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Absence of Love

She had not thought
it through

She had pictured

Nothing lasts forever

She had not known
that each day would begin with it
go on with it
end with it
days would become weeks
weeks become seasons
seasons become Generation This
and then Generation That

she had not known
it would be like this
the daily presence
of the absence of love

Friday, November 15, 2013

Still dream of love, but the dreams are different

Lover man, hold the front half
of the dog so I can
pull the stickers out of his ass
Come sit with me at the Unitarian Church
and sing Arlo Guthrie
Can you be home in time on Tuesday
to speak man to the gutter man?
He only hears customers
who have a prostate
Eat some of my French fries
my hips are wide enough
to birth bulldogs
Say What did you just say to my wife?
to the saggy pants in the parking lot
who thought I was alone
Let us go then you and I
to the compost heap
before it rains
your turn to drive

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weight Watchers 7 a.m.

Viewed as protein
the Weight Watchers leader
is on the stringy side
even basted frequently
she'd get all tough
on the grill
meat needs a bit
of marbling to cook up
moist and flavorful

I guess I could try marinating her
perhaps in orange juice
with a little Dubonnet rouge
and four twists of the pepper mill

Nah, too stringy
not worth it
besides there's something wrong
with a woman who does the wave
and crows with joy
because shake powder is on sale
remember mad cow disease
nah, I can do better
than Miss I Weigh My Lettuce
all around me
every occupant
of every green plastic seat
is potential pot roast
and carrots
are zero points